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After arcade playtesting, start of some nice improvements.
Had a great time at a local arcade (NerdHaven Arcade) in Madison, WI! Got some great feedback and have been incorporating some of it right away. Like many game...
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Some much needed, semi-boring updates ahead of playtesting event.
Some small improvements ahead of a playtesting event in Madison WI next Saturday Oct. 8th. 1. Added a stationary copy of the "coal chunk chucker" - a bad guy st...
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Starting point for improved baddies!
While I'm waiting for animation/illustrations back for the "Coal Chunk Chuckers" I've added some placeholder bad guys to the mix. Obviously my rough sketch is n...
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Latest Playable Prototype - with new character animations!
Not sure I have a good handle on how often, or on what platform, I should post about my development progress, but I figure I'll start by posting an update on a...
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Building a community around a game sounds hard, but I suppose you have to start somewhere, and I've heard has th...
started by CleanEnergyFun Sep 16, 2022
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