After arcade playtesting, start of some nice improvements.

Had a great time at a local arcade (NerdHaven Arcade) in Madison, WI! Got some great feedback and have been incorporating some of it right away. 

  • Like many game devs I realize i made level 1 way too hard, level too is too too too hard.  I adjusted jump height and will be making the initial level easier to complete. 
  • Began working out how to throw the disc at varying speeds based on length of press.
  • You can now pick up mods from above.
  • Disabled crouch cause it looked bad and isn’t essential for now, will eventually be a click down left stick thing to crouch.
  • You can mostly control the dialogues with the joystick/keyboard now (drove me crazy having to use the mouse for that and nothing else.

Some other big news that I'll share later. 


Clean Energy Creatures 87 MB
Oct 13, 2022

Get Clean Energy Creatures Prototype

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