Some much needed, semi-boring updates ahead of playtesting event.

Some small improvements ahead of a playtesting event in Madison WI next Saturday Oct. 8th.

1. Added a stationary copy of the "coal chunk chucker" - a bad guy  starting point that will evolve into several different versions.

2.  Added ability to skip the "tutorial" level (install on your own house)...

3.  Using the controller for Dialogue options: 

Some days progress is  as simple and boring  as getting the dialogue UI to interact with the controller/keyboard. This had been an annoyance of mine for a long time, that to select a dialogue option you must use the mouse can click on the selection you intended.  It's not the assets, it's newb trying to duct-tape them together with low/no-code solutions. :P 

What's funny is that even though some progress was made, it still breaks once you open up the main inventory window. I'm thinking maybe I'll lock that down till you complete the initial level for the prototype, which would prevent the issue from popping up for playtesters.  Could also be a situation where you only see the collected items when you return home to your garage/office... 

My kids have encouraged me to allow players to  enter the homes, which is a great idea but also adds complexity and little gameplay benefit. Long term I'd like to have a customizable office space where you can hang photos of all your installs, awards, etc.  And then you outgrow the garage based business and have to find a smaller warehouse/office.


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Oct 02, 2022

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