Starting point for improved baddies!

While I'm waiting for animation/illustrations back for the "Coal Chunk Chuckers" I've  added some placeholder bad guys to the mix. Obviously my rough sketch is not very skillfully done, but you can (i hope) get the sense that these chunks of coal are up to no good! 

if you are one of the approved playtesters you should be able to download the latest version. If you're not a playtester, but wish to become one, just let me know!

Working with these simple bad guys, based off an existing asset is hard enough, not sure how I'm going to execute the bosses/craziness I have in my head, but at some point maybe that's where I get professionals involved. 

Also confirmed a date for a Playtest session in Madison WI on October 8th!


Clean Energy Creatures 78 MB
Sep 27, 2022

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